What is Wild & Unwritten and what will we gain from it?

Wild & Unwritten: A Workshop for the Adventurous was created with the concept in mind, that as photographers, we are capturing unwritten stories. Being able to tell stories through the images we create is something that we highly value. Just the same, we want Wild & Unwritten to be a milestone in your journey as an aspiring photographer— with moments full of learning, growth, and memories to help write your beginning, middle, or simply just inspire you to keep writing your own story and never give up. We are most inspired by this vast world in which we live in— so Wild & Unwritten has chosen two unique locations to be the centerpeice of our exploration + the main sources of our inspiration for the workshop. Alaska + Hawaii have two of the most unique yet vastly different terrains & weather, as well as being the two states that are, in a way, more mysteriously unexplored than the rest of the US. As well as being so vastly beautiful and different, they are also the two non-contiguous as well as the 49th and 50th states to make up the 50 United States! We also believe that by teaching as a team in a small intimate setting, we are able to offer hands on and one-on-one experience with an array of content which includes— marketing, shooting, editing, building relationships with your clients (and the impact this has), creating a brand with your business, ways to reach ideal clientele, how to stay on top of workflows, etc. Most of all, we will chat about ways to consistently be working to stay inspired and stand out as a business by focusing on who you are. We are so excited to continue hosting new Wild & Unwritten workshops every year and be part of your journey in either Alaska or Hawaii! The learning environment we will create along with the locations inspires us to no end, and we hope it does the same for you!

Alaska // July 15-18, 2019

Wild & Unwritten is taking us back to the Alaskan wilderness! But this time, to somewhere completely new. We are SO excited to make Alaska a forever-present part of Wild & Unwritten, as from the very beginning we wanted to choose somewhere on both of our bucket lists that inspired us and may be less explored in the market. This was in hopes to give our attendees fresh & less saturated content + a chance to adventure somewhere you may not always get the opportunity to. We fell in love with the rugged, epic landscapes the minute we stepped on the soil, and we can't wait to be back in this incredible state again!


WHO: for all the girl bosses looking for an adventure!

WHERE: Juneau, Alaska // We are heading to the most south-east part of Alaska, the capital and one of the largest wildernesses in the United States! Surrounded by rainforests, packed with wildlife, full of history-- a paradise for those who love the outdoors. You will want to fly directly into Juneau!

WHEN: July 15-18 // one of the best times to visit Alaska - amazing temperatures during the day & cool at night! Arrive the evening of the 15th (6:30pm) for mingling + dinner & depart on the 18th after breakfast!


TEACHING - Going over alllll the good stuff! We are completely open books!
Some of the topics will include: editing, workflow, pricing (we'll show you ours!), marketing, branding, all things business + taxes + accounting & all things shooting / bringing out that emotion in your couple / making them feel comfortable, goal setting + exceeding, and all of the tips for growing your business! ++ so much more!

ACCOMMODATION - Everyone will be staying in the Airbnb! There is an amazing hang out space upstairs and downstairs! We wanted everyone to be in the same place in order to get to know everyone and keep the experience as intimate as possible. See the link below for more information on the rad Airbnb!
**Note that there will be some air mattresses! Large homes in Juneau are limited, and straws will be drawn upon arrival to keep it as fair as possible! See link below for more details**

MEALS - breakfast, lunch, and dinner + snacks alllll day every day (only dinner on the 15th and breakfast on the 18th).

STYLED SHOOTS - We will have 6 styled shoots! 3 engagement styled shoots and 3 elopement styled shoots! 3 couples each day with 3 groups! We are so stoked to have the ever amazing Bixby + Pine as a part of Wild & Unwritten, styling all of the shoots + making this workshop an absolute dream. We will be collaborating with some amazing florists + models + dress designers! See the link below for more information on the types of locations we will be exploring and shooting!

PRICE: $2300
*Includes accommodation + all meals!!*
50% due to reserve your spot & the remaining balance due 1 month before the workshop start date! Deposit is non-refundable but is transferrable if you find someone to take your spot.

WHY $2300?
- Alaska is SO far guys! As is Hawaii! Traveling to both of these places and the expenses involved is the same as having an international workshop, but that's also why we love it :) it's unique and different than so many other workshop locations! Alaska & Kauai specifically are just very remote in general! Navigating affordable accommodation, food, + finding models in a place that isn't quite there with the trends of the wedding world is challenging, but we take that challenge and make magic! Which often means flying models in + shipping lots of goods & spending more in areas that are needed.
- We have tons of experience!!! We have spent countless days and time perfecting the way our workshop runs and making every minute of it is as beneficial to you as possible! From the teaching, to the shoots, to the countless details and moments in-between, you'll find hardly anything we haven't already thought of! We no-joke communicate nearly 24/7 making sure no stone is unturned :)
- We go all out in almost every single aspect for our boss babes!! Our MAIN and sole focus is that our attendees have the most amazing and incredible experience and walk out from the experience feeling that in every single way (ask our past attendees or go read the raves on our website & Instagram)! There is no skimping here. We always believe when there is a will there is a way to make something 10x better, more unique, and more exciting than ever! If we think of something epic, we do it.

NOTE: We will only be taking on 15 attendees to keep the experience as real & intimate as possible! This is super important to us and Wild & Unwritten, as we want to get to know each of you personally as well as to create new + lasting friendships in the community!

*Upon application acceptance you will receive an email with all of the details on what to expect, how to get to the Airbnb, tips for gear & packing, as well as a Facebook group to get all of you chatting + coordinating!

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