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Wild & Unwritten was created with the intention and desire to uplift, elevate, and form a community of photographers from all over the country to help find their own unique self and style in their business. It's our hope and desire to ignite, or re-ignite the drive that fuels the passion behind what you do. The Wild and Unwritten Workshop was established in 2018 as an in-person event, bouncing back and forth between Alaska, Hawaii and Idaho, having hosted 9 workshops, sold-out in minutes, over the last 6 years. Workshops were always kept small and exclusive, resulting in long waitlists and always leaving us with the desire to find a way to expand and serve more photographers while still keeping the personalized and exclusive community feel.

Wild & Unwritten is now offering the same highly-desired education taught at all of our in-person workshops, plus much more, and making it accessible to any photographer looking to grow and expand their business. By creating unique and lighthearted ways to continue to provide education through exclusive online communities, courses, and more – always continuing to expand in new ways to enhance the overall photographer education community.

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Kylie is a Lifestyle & Wedding Photographer with about a decade of experience preserving and documenting some of life's precious moments; ranging from the seemingly mundane moments in your home with your sweet family, to celebrating starting a life together with your person. She shares a passion for documenting small families and weddings, all the same. Kylie lives in Idaho with her husband, Chase, of nearly 8 years – with their 2 year old son Remy and little fur baby, Oliver. She has a passion for making her home feel like a home with endless projects, making their way to the mountains as much as possible, and soaking up all of life's precious and priceless moments with her closest people. 

Peyton has been a Wedding photographer for close to a decade. Originally from Oklahoma, she relocated to Idaho in 2020 seeking mountains and all four seasons - in tow, two dachshunds, her wedding videographer husband, Colton, and recently welcomed their son Bowie into their lives early last year. Peyton travels to 90% of her weddings every year across the country and abroad, and because of that, focuses solely on documenting weddings. She lives back and forth between Oklahoma and Idaho currently with her family and enjoys spending all her free time at home when not traveling; creating new memories with her people every year in each state.


a note from: Andra Krista Photo

“I attended the Wild and Unwritten workshop in Kauai, Hawaii, and absolutely loved my experience. It was reasonably priced, filled with so much education, and some EPIC shoot locations. I came out with some of my favorite photos that I've taken to date. I would recommend this workshop to any beginner or experienced photographer out there! Ps. Kylie and Peyton are the sweetest humans!!! 11/10 recommend”

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