We are so excited about where we will be staying for the week-- surrounded by mountains, along the Gastineau Channel in the heart of Juneau! We chose this specific home because not only are we surrounded by breathtaking mountains and have the easiest access to downtown and hiking trails in the wilderness, but the home itself will provide a place of community. The open floor plan, the windows as tall as the ceiling, the incredible patio (and hot tub!!)-- we want everyone to feel welcome and inspired at all times.

Take a look for yourself!

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Here are some perks to the home!
+ open floorspace for learning + community
+ allll the window light
+ an INSANE patio overlooking the mountain range and channel where you can have your morning coffee/tea
+ A HOT TUB, need we say more?!

Just like each of our past workshops, there will be some beds + some air mattresses due to there being very limited large homes in Juneau! Along with that, due to there being air mattresses in the rooms-- floor space is minimal! We will draw straws upon arrival. This is the way it has to be in order get everyone into one house + intimate space which is the most important to us-- to have everybody in one place to ensure everyone is included and feels the sense of community + friendship. There are also 3 bathrooms total! Please only sign up if this isn't an issue for you or you won't find it unfair to have an air mattress or have to share a bed, or share bathroom space!